At the Bushwick Veterinary Center, we know that your pets are family, and when you come to our clinic, we want you to feel like you are a part of our family. We practice exceptional medicine and provide outstanding service that goes above and beyond the industry standards. Our doctors and technicians focus on getting to know your animal. We build a relationship of trust and friendship with them in order to make their experience as comfortable as possible. This individualized approach allows us to tailor each visit to your animal’s needs, making examinations and vaccinations stress-free, and even a joyful experience!

a veterinary staff with a dog

This stress-free experience starts as soon as you enter our practice. With our separated lobby, cats will feel at ease on the feline side, and dogs will feel like home on the canine side. This helps provide a safe and calm environment before you even check-in to your appointment. Our highly skilled and compassionate veterinarians share with you the value and bond you and your animal have.  In our dedicated dog and cat exam rooms, we use fear-free techniques to reduce stress for both you and your pet, making sure the experience is pleasant for everyone.

Our veterinary center is focused on providing the highest quality of care and ensuring that everything we do is for the benefit of your animal. We are dedicated to maintaining the best equipment and technology while staying up to date on the newest methods and techniques focused on patient care. Our paperless facility allows us to place your pet’s health directly in your hands from your sign-in form to your animal’s digital radiographs.