Laboratory diagnostics are an important tool used to assess the health of your pet on a routine basis but also when they are sick. There are many tests in which we can conduct in our clinic, providing our doctors with quick results in order to allow your pet to receive the treatment they need sooner.

Some of the most common laboratory diagnostics we perform at our clinic include:
– Stool Samples: This allows us to test for the presence of any intestinal parasites.
– Urine Samples: This is important to detect urinary tract diseases.
– Skin Samples: These are used to evaluate for any external parasites.
– Blood Samples: The most common testing, allows for the analysis of the structures and number of blood cells.

In addition to the laboratory we have at our clinic, we also use an outside laboratory facility that has highly specialized instruments and machines which can conduct more advanced and specific testing. If our doctors feel like they need to send some samples from your pet to this outside facility, they will be included that in the treatment plan, and collect the samples during your visit. When samples are sent out to an external laboratory, the results will take longer to get back, but the results will be vital in order to create the best treatment plan for your pet.