Our clinic maintains a full pharmacy with all of the most common medications prescribed for your pets needs. This takes the time and worry out of having to make additional trips to the pharmacy to get your pet’s prescriptions filled. During your pet’s exam, if the doctor prescribes any medications, we can get them filled and in your hands before you leave our facility. Allowing you to spend more quality time with your pet, which is one of our top priorities.

Our pharmacy holds prescription medications for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases as well as preventative care. We carry a variety of preventative medications such as monthly heartworm preventative as well as flea and tick prevention. These medications are important to protect your pet’s health throughout the year.

Acute diseases or injuries usually require short-term doses of medications to treat a specific illness or injury. Some of these diseases and injuries could include Gastro-intestinal upset, ear infections, skin infections, and lacerations, for example. Once the doctor has diagnosed what is affecting your pet, they will develop a treatment plan with you in order to provide the best care for your pet. Once the treatment plan is created, they will conduct any procedures or treatments required within our clinic, and then provide medications to go home for continued care.

Chronic diseases require long-term treatment for the rest of your pet’s life. Once these diseases are diagnosed, your doctor will help you understand the long-term care that is required to manage the disease and make sure your pet can live their fullest and happiest life. An example of chronic diseases may include diabetes, feline immunodeficiency virus, hypothyroidism, or Cushing’s disease. Even though chronic diseases require long-term treatment, once the are treated and managed well, your pet will be able to live a normal and happy life.

For additional ease and access to your pet’s medications, we provide an online pharmacy requesting service in which you can request medications from the comfort of your home. The service can be accessed through our website or you can email us directly with your prescription needs. In addition to this online service, we will send your pet’s medications directly to you and you will receive them within 24 hours.