Radiographs are an important tool to help diagnose what may be happening internally with your pet. Radiography, also known as an x-ray, help our doctors develop a prognosis and treatment plan for your dog or cat. This diagnostic tool is noninvasive and provides our doctors with a large amount of information without causing unacceptable discomfort to your pet. Most commonly x-rays are used to take images of bones, potential foreign objects, and specific cavities of the body such as the chest or abdomen. When your pet is ill, we can use x-rays to confirm that they have not eaten a foreign object, have a visible infection, or tumors. If your pet is presented during an emergency situation, x-rays can help diagnose fractures, injuries, or any structural deformities.

Our clinic uses InnoVet digital Radiology in order to provide the best diagnostics for your pet. Their technology is cutting-edge and is the most reliable system on the market. Our radiology machine takes digital images which transfer directly to our iPads, allowing us to put your pet’s health directly in your hands. This ability to take quick and simple images allows us to provide answers quickly in emergency situations so we can react fast and get your pet feeling well again quickly.

In addition to our digital radiology system for diagnostics, we also have a digital dental radiograph machine for veterinary dentistry. Dental x-rays assist our veterinarians in detecting oral health problems at their earliest stages. During your dog or cat’s teeth cleaning your doctor will do an oral exam while your pet is under anesthesia and then have the dental radiographs taken. It is important for us to see what is going on below the gum-line to assess if there is any gum disease, oral infections, or even bone loss or tumors. Often a pet’s teeth look clean and healthy but when we take dental radiographs, we may see underlying dental disease that needs to be addressed to make your pet healthy and happy.