We take anesthesia very seriously at our clinic and we want to provide the most comfortable and safe experience for your pet if they need an anesthetic procedure. Safe and effective anesthesia is important in order for our veterinarians to complete procedures safely and with minimal risk to your pet. Before any procedure, our veterinarians will asses the health of your pet and their anesthetic risk. Anesthesia is relatively safe for all animals but those that have specific chronic diseases, illnesses, or health indicators may increase your pet’s risk. Our veterinarians take this into great consideration when creating your pet’s anesthetic plan.

Once your pet is ready for the procedure, our veterinarians will give them premedications prior to anesthesia as recommended by the American Animal Hospital Association. Our doctors and staff follow these guidelines throughout your pets anesthetic experience in order to ensure the safest and best care is provided. The procedures are then conducted in our modern state of the art anesthesia suite and your pet will be connected to monitoring equipment and constantly assesed by one of our technicians.

Once the procedure is done, your pet will be placed in one of our safe kennels and monitored by a technician until they are awake and doing well. Once your pet is awake, able to walk, and the doctor feels that they can send your pet home they will let you know that you can pick them up. Anesthesia may affect your pet for several days after the procedure. They may show behavioral changes for a few days following an anesthetic procedure. Though this is normal, if you have any concerns, please give our clinic a call and we will address any concerns you may have.