Our professional kennel systems provide the ultimate comfort for our patients. Our kennels have cage-less covers which allow your pet to look out and see all that is going on around them as well as giving you doctors and staff a clear view of your pet at all times. An internal lighting system allows us to increase the visibility of your pet while in their kennel but allows us to create a dark environment to reduce any stress that they may have developed while here. To help reduce stress, our kennels are designed to reduce the sounds from outside the kennel to create a calm and quiet environment for your pet to recover in.

Our staff are very attentive to your pet’s needs while they are under our care and we want to keep your pet with you as much as possible, but if they need to be placed in a kennel while they are with us, we want to ensure it is the safest and most comfortable kennel for them. We will make sure that they have a kennel that is the appropriate size for them, at a good level, and is filled with soft clean bedding to make sure they will be comfortable during their stay. If your pet hasn’t received or will not be receiving anesthesia, we will also provide them with fresh clean water.

It is important that your pet feels comfortable in our environment and we work diligently to provide that for them. Your pet will never be out of sight or left alone in their kennel with no one looking after them. We have placed our kennels close to where we work in the event your pet needs anything we can provide it instantaneously for them.