The Separate exam room evolution has been adopted here at the Buschwick Veterinary Center and our patients can attest to its positive impact on their experience in our hospital. The exam room is where all the magic of veterinary medicine happens. This is where our doctors can begin to develop a relationship with you and your pet. It is where you will begin and end your visits, and work towards providing your pet the longest and healthiest life possible.

So what is the sperate exam room evolution? Well, it is more than the separation of dogs and cats into different exam rooms it is also focused on the well-being and comfort of the client and their pets. Instead of focusing on the functionality of the room for the doctor and the veterinary staff, exam rooms are focused on the client. Little concepts such as having one door in which both the doctors and the clients enter from which allows for a more informal relationship to develop. This is key to develop a relationship of trust and understanding to get down to the root of your pet’s needs.

With our species-specific sides of our clinic, we can cultivate an environment that makes going to the veterinarian feel less like going to the veterinarian. Our goal is to make our clinic feel like you are heading over to a friend’s house for a cup of coffee and a friendly chat. Our clinic achieves this through its Fear Free Practices both in our design and techniques used during your pets visit. We not only separate our cat and dog exam rooms, but our clinic is divided in half so we have separate waiting areas, exam rooms, and recovery centers for each species specifically.

Our hospital also has many design aspects that are focused on your pet themselves. Our exam tables, for example, are designed for the ease and comfort of your pet. Our cat exam table looks like it is just a wooden shelf for your cat to sit on but in reality, it holds a hidden scale so we can get your cat’s weight while they are relaxing. In addition, the pole to hold the shelf has been made into a scratching pole so they can rub and scratch while they wait. This also allows them to relieve any stress that they may develop in a new environment. Within our dog exam room, we have a comfortable bench in which you and your pet can lounge on and a window to people watch through. The exam table folds up so our doctors and staff can get on the same level with your dog, literally, to help them feel more at home.

The separate exam room evolution is a major part of our approach to providing the most compassionate and quality care for your pet. In addition to our Fear Free practices, we have developed an environment that is conducive of quality and compassionate care for your pet.