Fear Free Practices are changing the way veterinarians provide veterinary care. There is an innate fear of bringing pets to the veterinarian, even if it is just for a routine check-up. Fear can cause stress and even trauma for both your pet and our staff and that is the opposite effect we want your pet to experience while at our veterinary center. Our goal is to make your pet excited for their visit to our office and have them feeling like our exam rooms are their home away from home.

We begin this process by listening to you and your pet. Discussing what experiences and history you have together, such as if they were adopted or how they react when you leave them at home alone. Our focus is on building trust through a personalized experience for you and your pet. These techniques may include distracting them with treats when they are getting their vaccines or sitting on the floor until they are comfortable in this new environment. At the end of the day we want to make all your visits fear free for both your pet and you.

Our Veterinarians are Certified in provided Fear Free care which allows them to stay up to date on Fear Free recommendations and practices. In addition, our staff are fully trained on Fear Free techniques and procedures to make sure that everyone who interacts with your pet will be providing the best stress-free care possible. Our Fear Free Certification is renewed on an annual basis to keep the certification active and to maintain access to resources which ultimately help you and your pet.

In addition, the Fear Free education and training gives us resources to educate you on the best way to provide a fear free environment at home. Some of these resources focus on positive-reinforcement training techniques while other look at the benefits of home enrichment practices. We are here to help you navigate the best methods to keep your pet physically, mentally, and emotionally happy both inside and outside our veterinary center